GISPASA manages Healthcare Infrastructure for the Principality of Asturias and serves to promote sanitary and public health equipment in addition to providing complementary services for these infrastructures. The two largest projects conducted by GISPASA are the construction, maintenance and development of HUCA, the new University Hospital in Central Asturias, and Vital Álvarez Buylla Hospital in Mieres. In 2009 GISPASA was responsible for the purchase of all the equipment for both hospitals, which represented a huge trading volume with over 500 contracts. To ensure everything was done correctly GISPASA looked for an agile IT solution capable of automating complex processes.

GISPASA selected AuraPortal software to manage the contracts and automate all recurring tasks.
Today, GISPASA uses the AuraPortal BPM software for numerous processes, ranging from the management of deadlines to the economic control of certain aspects of the organization.

What began as an attempt to control two or three procedures has developed into something much more extensive, to the extent that we now use the tool continuously, on a daily basis and it has become indispensable for our daily activity.

– Beatriz Herrero (Legal Director of GISPASA

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